Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stryke's Buns Guide (Walt Stryke Clayton)

Stryke's Buns Guide: A Field Guide to Buns of the World (by Walt "Stryke" Clayton) is a novelty item, one that is designed to appeal to the type of drunks that you find around bachelor parties and the gorillas that you find working on loading docks. The book is modeled on the field guides that one uses to identify birds and trees out in the field. Basically, it is a bunch of women's asses photoshopped, costumed and occasionally painted, along with with a description covering the particular species of ass' diet and natural habitant. This book does occasionally use some interesting language and imagery--even being sober, it occasionally makes one chuckle, once one overcomes the shock of it all. I imagine that it is quite funny if one is drunk. Being sober, I am only going to give it four out of five stars (two for its value as a gag gift, two for its creative use of language). Not safe to show anyone other than your drunk friends.

[Full disclosure: This review was based on a copy won in a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.]

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