Sunday, December 30, 2012

7 Sneaky Habits & Annoyingly Rich (Larry R Flint)

This review covers two books by Larry R. Flint--The 7 Sneaky Habits of Highly Annoying Millionaire$ Next Door (2012) and Think & Grow Annoyingly Rich (2012).

There are two reasons to combine the reviews of these two books. One, I read them back to back on the smae night. Two and most important, my comments apply equally to both books.

The 7 Sneaky Habits of Highly Annoying Millionaire$ Next Door and Think and Grow Annoyingly Rich are spoofs of books such as the Millionaire Next Door, Seven Habits of Highly Successful People, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

The two books are mildly entertaining in the sense that they are quick reads, and the chapters are thankfully short; therefore if one joke fails, the next joke is not far behind. Humor being a personal standard is hard to judge--the author seems to think that humor is bad punctuation, misremembered references, and bad puns. Sometimes, it worked--sometimes, it didn't. If your eyes bleed when you see commas and semi-colons misused, do not read this book.

The interesting thing to note about these two books is that despite being humor, there are some interesting subjects to think about that these books mention in passing. For instance, I used to know some people who were proud of the fact that they were screwing the tax man by getting paid under the table--it never occured to me that they will end up paying a penalty for this behavior when it comes time for them to collect social security. Nevertheless, these books are humor, and not necessarily humor that is witty.

Personally, I would not pay more than 99 cents apiece for these books; therefore, I find that their regular price to be too much. Still I am going to give them three out of five stars because some of the humor did make me think, or at least smile on occasion.

[Disclosure: These books were obtained on a free day, therefore I did not pay for them.]

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